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The partnership behind Club Onesies – Selena Carthy & Marian Pike are both active members of St.Maurs GAA. Rush, Co Dublin. We both have 3 children who play a variety of sports and are involved in other activities & clubs. What we’ve noticed over the years is the pride and passion that our kids and their teammates have whilst playing for their club and it’s evident that this feeling exists within all clubs – players love their sport and their club/county!

So we came up with an idea offering kids the opportunity to wear their club or county colours - even when they're chilling out!! This product hasn't been offered before! Our own kids love coming home from a training session or a match and getting into some chill out gear!

What better way to relax - keep your colours on but slip into your comfy Club Onesie? Or alternatively, check out how your county colours look on you - after all, you could be wearing them someday!!

Our initial product is for 4yr olds to 14yr olds and we are able to design onesies for all types of clubs. We've designed the onesie with our own kids in mind - a bit of fun yet comfy and practical at the same time!

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